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Diets don’t work. Well maybe that’s unfair, they might just work but only for about the same amount of time that you are following the diet perfectly. Then you stop and pile the fat back on, usually more than when you started. So you try another one and the cycle begins all over again! This yo-yo approach means that you never do get the look that you want and its actually not at all good for your health anyway!

Big JeansIts demoralising too. Over many years we have treated a LOT of people and the same people year in, year out tell us how its all going to be different next time. It never is. Others have a long list of reasons about why losing weight never works for them. So of course nothing changes for these people either. The worst is when you start to lose hope that anything will ever change for the better.

Exercise alone won’t get you the results you are after either. So many people tell me that if only they had the time to exercise like they did when they were younger, the kilos would just fall away. That may well have worked when you were young but in your 30s and beyond? Your metabolism is no longer the same and won’t respond to exercise alone anymore. Sure you’ll get fitter and feel better – and that’s a good thing – but the stubborn fat around the middle won’t move much. Certainly not in proportion to the effort anyway. Even in research studies where people are following hard, consistent exercise routines, they do lose weight but really no where near the amount they should for the effort they are putting in. And not all exercise is created equal when it comes to fat loss. Here’s a hint, its not the treadmill. Its not sit-ups either.

If diets don’t work and exercise alone won’t get the job done. What does work?

Lasting change comes from changing those mundane, day to day habits. This results in permanent change in what you do, which translates into a permanent change in what you look and feel like. Its not you personally that’s the problem, its your habits. Ask yourself the question – do you really have the look and long term health you deserve? If you don’t, its not a lack of will power, its your habits that are letting you down!

I know this sounds too simple. And it is simple, its just not easy. Mostly because your habits are so entrenched that you often don’t even realise that they are counter-porductive to getting you what you actually want – a tighter tummy and a toned butt!

The best part is that a habits based approach allows you to get healthy and lose fat at the same time. This is the best possible outcome for you. And really what’s the point in looking good if isn’t about long term health?

It seems crazy to me that people think its normal to have a football coach or a piano teacher but when it comes to fat loss, people never stop to think that they might need a coach as well. Even the very best in their field still have coaches, the best football players, the best singers, everyone. Even with nearly 40 years of experience in martial arts – I still have a coach! Sure I don’t need to check in as regularly but I still have one. It seems crazy to me NOT to have a coach.

The most surprising thing of all though – everyone is an expert when it comes to losing fat. Despite the evidence to the contrary sitting right around their mid-lines! Would you try to teach yourself trigonometry or calculus mathematics? Its the same thing when you try to lose stubborn fat all by yourself.

So why not try a coach for fat loss?

That’s exactly what the Precision Nutrition program is all about. We look at you and your individual circumstances and come up with a plan just for you. We combine healthy eating principles with a structured approach that fits into your lifestyle. Working on changing just one small thing at a time.

This is completely opposite to the “one size fits all” approach of virtually all diets on the market today. And because they aren’t designed with your own personal circumstances in mind, they are bound to fail.

A word of warning though, this is certainly NOT a good approach for anyone who just wants to drop a few kilos to look good for their high school reunion in 3 weeks time.

But for long term results? With this approach, its a virtual guarantee.

Add in the appropriate exercise routine and you’ll see more than just a decreasing waist line but a total body composition change as well.

So here’s the ONLY question you have to ask yourself: “Is what I am doing right now working for me”?

If the answer is no, contact us and find out how we can help you.


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