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I feel it is important to clarify this view, as I know many people associate “massage” with “luxury”. I view massage as a key activity in maintaining your well being.

Remedial massage can be of benefit as a preventive treatment to maintain a healthy life style. It’s also an important alternative treatment for acute and chronic injuries.  Having a massage increases your circulation, bringing blood to your tissues and cells and at the same time improves lymphatic drainage.  It helps repair the body by eliminating toxins which helps decrease the risk of some illnesses.  Remedial massage can increase your flexibility and is an essential treatment for optimum health and a sense of well being.

Common muscle injuries can also affect us in everyday life. Overloading a particular muscle or group of muscles often results in overuse injuries. Muscle soreness is a common result. Soreness can also arise when you haven’t used those muscles for sometime or are using them differently. Symptoms include swelling, inflammation and pain within the muscle.  A light massage is recommended to treat muscle soreness and help you feel better to enable you to continue your everyday activities.

By Lucy Corradi